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Kevin Olds

Certified Life Coach Certified Recovery Mentor Peer Support Specialist

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Ready to unleash your full potential and achieve extraordinary success?
As a skilled and compassionate coach, I’m here to guide
you toward personal and professional fulfillment. With many years of
experience, I specialize in empowering individuals to overcome obstacles,
define clear goals, and develop actionable plans. Together, we’ll explore
your values, strengths, and aspirations, and replace limiting beliefs with
empowering ones. I’ll support you in setting measurable goals and hold you
accountable for taking consistent action. With my unwavering support and
belief in your abilities, you’ll build resilience and achieve remarkable
results. Experience the transformative power of working with a dedicated
certified coach today!

My Specialties

One-on-One Coaching:

Unlock Your Full Potential with Personalized Coaching

Recovery Mentoring

Embrace a Life of Healing and Growth with Recovery Mentoring


Shared experiences provide assistance for understanding and empowerment

Important Decisions

Making Life's Crucial Decisions with Confidence


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Welcome to KO Pro Coaching, where your journey towards personal growth and transformation begins. With my guidance and expertise, you’ll gain the tools and insights needed to overcome challenges, make important decisions, and create a harmonious work-life balance. Discover the path to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life through personalized coaching tailored to your unique needs.

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